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homePORT offers space to work together on concrete future topics of the maritime economy and logistics such as zero emission, 3D printing, drones & robots as well as automation.

Connect, Collaborate & Create

homePORT thrives on experimentation and the development of innovative products. This collaborative exchange allows us to successfully shape the port of the future.

Let’s shape the future together

With identified areas in the Port of Hamburg as a real laboratory, the maritime and logistics industry can be driven forward and real challenges can be solved.

    Our goal

    In the heart of the port, homePORT provides space for collaboration and innovation to bring together companies, start-ups, universities and researchers. This is how we want to shape the maritime economy and port of the future together today

    Tomorrow's innovative products: Just do it.

    With strong partners from industry and research, as well as regulatory institutions, we pursue the goal of developing product innovations and testing them under real conditions in order to achieve significant results for the maritime port industry.

    Nothing for you? We are happy to adapt to your specific needs for innovation development & research projects.

    News related to the maritime industry & homePORT

    We need a space in the port where startups and companies can develop and test innovations for maritime industry and the port. In the port, for the port, with the port! homePORT can be this place.

    Johannes Berg
    CEO, Digital Hub Logistics

    As an internationally active network organization for maritime logistics, we welcome the fact that homePORT has created a platform for innovative ideas and technology-based startups in the Port of Hamburg.

    Ingo Egloff
    Executive Board, Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V.

    The mobility of the future is only made possible by tests and demonstrations in innovative, real infrastructures. The homePORT offers an excellent environment for this, which serves as a real laboratory in the port area and represents a further building block for innovative solutions for future logistics and mobility for Hamburg.

    Harry Evers
    CEO, ITS 2021 GmbH

    Around the world, innovation and sustainability are developed in collaborative ecosystems. The recipe for success is the agile cooperation of diverse players who test and implement innovative growth opportunities beyond established paths. homePORT creates this for the port and the whole of Hamburg!

    Kathrin Haug
    Chairwoman of the Committee for Innovation and Research of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

    In order to develop and apply new ideas and technologies, it is essential to have a place where they can be tested and scaled. homePORT, with the Port of Hamburg as an international trade hub and one of the largest ports in Europe, offers the perfect hub for startups and companies that want to implement a digital port themselves.

    Nieky Sarah Ipektchi
    Director of Partnerships, Plug and Play Hamburg

    Researching, developing and immediately testing under real conditions: This is how innovation processes can be accelerated, added value created for the various players in the port and synergies exploited. With its technical possibilities and networking offers, homePORT provides the ideal framework for this. The Fraunhofer CML is looking forward to it!

    Prof. Dr. Carlos Jahn
    Director of Fraunhofer-Center for Maritime Logistcs und Services CML

    Hamburg has numerous coworking spaces, but a special place to try out and experiment with hardware-based innovations in such a location as the Port of Hamburg is missing for the technology-oriented startups here at the site.

    Alois Krtil
    CEO, Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V.

    Joint experimental areas with water access in the port for new & green technologies of the universities and their industrial partners would be a great gain for the Maritime Cluster in Hamburg and beyond.

    Martin Mahn
    CEO, Hamburg Innovation

    With the innovative homePORT project, we are shaping the future of the Port of Hamburg and establishing an innovation hotspot for the maritime and logistics scene in the heart of the port. Together with the port industry, creative startups and other institutions, we want to offer 3D printing and drones, among other things, a home and the best working conditions for future development.

    Jens Meier
    CEO, Hamburg Port Authority AöR

    Innovations are the key to securing the Port of Hamburg's long-term competitiveness. homePORT is the perfect place to develop smart solutions for greater value creation and sustainability.

    Prof. Dr. Jan Ninnemann
    Prof., Hamburg School of Business Administration / CEO, Hanseatic Transport Consultancy

    homePORT creates an urgently needed experimental space for science & business in the port to test innovations under real conditions and launch new developments. In addition, the homePORT acts as a showroom to bring innovations to life for a social discourse.

    Dr. Martin Semmann
    CEO, Allianz der Hamburger Hochschulen für Informatik

    Port cities all over the world are the drivers of innovation par excellence. For more than a thousand years, not only goods but also the ideas that become innovations have arrived at the Port of Hamburg. Thanks to homePORT, this will continue to be the case in the future.

    Dr. Rolf Strittmatter
    CEO, Hamburg Invest

    homePORT as a maritime real laboratory and makerspace for the port of the future is intended to ensure that innovative products and services have a home and can continue to be developed, tested and advanced under real conditions in Hamburg. Shaping the innovation port together - for Hamburg and our partners around the world!

    Michael Westhagemann
    Senator, Behörde für Wirtschaft und Innovation

    Some people already know it, many feel it. We need to change the way we produce, manage and live in the future to increase sustainability. With this initiative, Hamburg will be abruptly empowered to do so. The result will be resilient, sustainable production through local, ultra-short process chains. Let's work on it!

    Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Wulfsberg
    Leiter des Laboratoriums Fertigungstechnik, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität

    The port is not only the gateway to the world, but also the gateway to innovation. Many new ideas are created by strong players in the port and then transferred to the city. homePORT in the heart of the city and the port at the same time is the ideal place where innovative solutions can best emerge. With homePORT, new products can be explored and experimented in a legally tested framework. This supports the makers of tomorrow in the transformative innovation process. Innovation "made in Hamburg" is a reality!

    Dr. Phanthian Zuesongdham
    Head of Division Port Process Solution, Hamburg Port Authority AöR

    Innovate Maritime Logistics

    With homePORT, we want to develop an independent innovation campus for collaboration in the heart of the Port of Hamburg. With strong partners, great startups and a network of well-known players in the maritime industry, meaningful product innovations and future solutions are to be developed. homePORT is the place to test these innovations in an uncomplicated way under real port conditions.
    Focus topic

    Drohnen & Robotics

    homePORT offers you optimal conditions for drone and robot testing.

    You can test your products on a special port area in the mixed industrial zone. For this purpose, we designate water test areas that can be used for autonomous tests under and above water, for example, on the basis of an agreed project description.

    Focus topic

    Additive manufacturing methods

    3D printing, rapid prototyping, circular economy and reverse engineering offer enormous potential, and not just in the maritime sector. In all industries, these technologies have demonstrated - especially during the Corona pandemic - how quickly manufacturing machines could be adapted to new needs.

    As the role of 3D printing in global supply chains and local value creation becomes even greater in the future, we want to give this topic a home at homePORT.

    Focus topic

    IoT & Sensor Technology

    Due to the increasing mechanization in industrial production processes, IoT solutions are playing a major role in shaping Industry 4.0. Desired solutions here are smart factories, automation and autonomous industrial robots in the port of the future.

    The further development of sensors and also actuators is therefore essential. In the homePORT Makerspace we provide access to open source solutions.

    Focus topic

    Automation & Artificial Intelligence

    Optimizing logistics processes increasingly requires automated processes and the use of artificial intelligence. While automation already plays an essential role in operations, AI is one of the big topics of the future in research and management, as it has the potential to fundamentally change society and the economy.

    homePORT enables these topics to be tested and developed under real conditions in a real lab and to present your ideas to our network partners.

    Focus topic

    Sustainability & Zero Emissions

    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges currently facing humans. That is why innovative product developments as well as sustainable business models are particularly necessary. Supply chain optimization, low-emission drive technologies, 3D printing, circular economy and automation will also have increasing relevance.

    We promote sustainable innovations to make the maritime industry fit for the future.

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