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In line with our vision and the principle of involving maritime & logistics stakeholders in change, we want to create a sustainable community of innovators, game changer and port stakeholders who work together on solutions and are interested in a cross-company knowledge transfer to shape the port of the future.

  • Network with like-minded people involved in the maritime and logistics industry
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        Hamburg's open space for experimentation, collaboration and networking
        Do you have questions about the specifics concernings about homePORT? Are you interested in a virtual tour or would you like to become a member? Whatever your request may be, write us a message and we will answer it as soon as possible.
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        Together we manage the transformation

        We are convinced that knowledge is one of the few goods that increases when it is shared. homePORT not only offers you the opportunity to actively share your knowledge, but also to benefit from the know-how and experience of others. Become part of the community today and take advantage of our diverse range of workshops and events. You are an expert in a specific domain and would like to offer a workshop for our network? Great! Get in touch with us today. We will get back to you and speak about the possibilities.


        New impulses and inputs

        The time is coming when being together physical will be possible again! Until then, we'll take care of ourselves and keep our distance. Nevertheless, we will make sure that you, as part of the community, can exchange ideas with other community members - digitally, of course, for the time being. For this purpose, we are currently developing different formats, about which we will inform you regularly. Look forward to interesting input, good conversations and be curious what will develop from them. Only together are we strong!

        Digital collaboration

        Cross-company working

        Current developments in the world show that, at the latest with the pandemic, digital collaboration is not only possible among startups and innovators. Increasingly, more and more companies are moving to test new collaboration tools and to establish them permanently as a fixed component of daily work. Cross-company working has also changed significantly as a result. homePORT wants to take advantage of this opportunity and, as a networker, ensure that collaboration between network partners is made possible. To achieve this, we use the newest tools and enjoy experiencing new things with each other.

        A quick overview of the Players & collaboration Partners

        Startups, corporates and network partners


        Statements of active partners and players from homePORT

        THEY SAY

        3D printing has great potential for the port to significantly accelerate approaches and development processes. Additively manufactured components offer engineers entirely new possibilities in design and layout. New business models, such as the digital production of spare parts, can develop for various application areas.

        Alexander Backs
        CEO, 3D-Strong

        Hamburg has developed an unbeatable strength in the field of unmanned technologies with its various initiatives and projects. We are proud to be part of this ecosystem. The homePORT in Hamburg is an important milestone for us and for the location to bring technological innovations to application.

        Christian Caballero
        COO & Co-Founder, FlyNex GmbH

        The combination of experimental spaces for autonomous systems on land, water and in the air offers enormous potential for innovation. We are pleased that the emerging drone economy is getting a place to test and try things with the homePORT Test Playground - right in the middle of Hamburg.

        Daniela Richter
        Project Manager Windrove & Urban Air Mobility bei Hamburg Aviation

        At the homePORT test areas in the port, we want to bring the self-driving, autonomous eFloater to life and put it through every test. From our point of view, this test space for transformative co-design is urgently needed to develop solution approaches with social acceptance for the mobility of tomorrow.

        Oliver Risse
        CEO, Floatility GmbH

        As the hub of the green hydrogen economy, the Port of Hamburg can contribute to the energy transition and thus also produce the synthetic fuels of the future for shipping and aviation.

        Jörg Spitzner
        CEO, Spitzner Engineers & Institutsleiter INCMP