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Port Innovators Network (PIN):
A global network for ports of the future

The Port Innovators Network (PIN) is a global network of port innovation hubs and their communities. PIN was established to promote the adoption of innovation in the global port ecosystem. It connects Port Innovation Centres to share innovative ideas, project results, innovation experiences and best practices. PIN is the platform that promotes the growth of new technologies and solutions in port environments on a global scale.

The founding members, Opentop from the Port of Valencia, The PIER from the Port of Halifax in Canada and homePORT from the Port of Hamburg, believe that the challenges of our time can only be met by joining forces and working together on a global scale. News about PIN on the LinkedIn page

By connecting port innovation hubs and their communities, including start-ups, companies, institutions and investors, PIN enables innovation and collaboration between all members. PIN provides deep tech testing grounds, workspaces and digital collaboration platforms that can be used as technology testbeds by members and partners of other nodes in the network.

  • Connecting port industry stakeholders: The PIN network connects the partner networks with their respective communities of start-ups, companies, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Fostering innovation and collaboration: PIN aims to actively promote innovation and collaboration within its network. Members are provided with a wide range of resources and opportunities, including modern testing environments, inspiring workspaces and robust online platforms for communicating and sharing best practices within the maritime industry.
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing: PIN acts as a central hub for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between network members. This creates an ever-growing pool of knowledge that drives innovation and progress in the port industry.
  • Innovative Test Areas & Collaboration Spaces: PIN Collaboration Areas provide members with realistic test environments and inspiring workspaces to test innovative technologies and bring projects to life.
  • Collaboration to find solutions to current challenges: PIN offers its members the opportunity to actively participate in the discussion of current port challenges.

Interested in the global port community? If you would like to join the network as a Hub Member or Associate Member, apply now! Learn from the best practices of other port innovation hubs and gain access to potential customers, partners and investors from other hub communities!

Become a PIN member: The global network of Port Innovation Centres and their communities is looking forward to your application.

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