Innovation campus

Exhibition of new innovations & reopening of the "Makerspace

On the occasion of the 1st birthday of the innovation campus homePORT at the port of Hamburg, HOMECOMING HOMEPORT was celebrated on September 30, 2022! A total of 19 exhibitors impressed themselves, as well as the approximately 200 guests with their new innovations, which were presented and demonstrated on site. From mobile sensor technology, automation, to XR technology and 3D printing, everything was there. The homePORT was also expanded by the new opening of the "Makerspace".

The event was opened in bright sunshine with an opening speech by Stefanie Teichmann, Product and Operations Manager, Friedrich Stuhrmann, Chief Commercial Officer of the HPA, Phanthian Zuesongdham, Head of Division Port Process Solution and - State Councillor Andreas Rieckhof, from the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation.

From the homePORT - for the homePORT

The finale of the opening ceremony was the opening of the "Makerspace". The scissors for this were brought and handed over by the remote-controlled robot quadruped "Spot" from Boston Dynamics of the exhibitor Reply. The Makerspace is intended to serve as a space for connecting and working together and offers a variety of high-quality machines and tools, for example, to adapt, optimize or even repair prototypes during testing.

Throughout the day, the agenda included many attractive items such as exciting expert penelels in the areas of landside, waterside and airside robotics, the role of 3D printing in supply chain, defense and the industry of the future, as well as virtual & augmented reality in the maritime-industrial context. The homePORT "Sofatalk" also featured discussions on how to fund your own ideas.

Annika Geisemeyer, Consultant for Digital & Business,also took the opportunity to immerse herself in "Virtual Reality". Exhibitors such as VRtualX and Demodern presented their VR glasses and enabled visitors to discover, for example, the port in an apparent reality with its physical properties in a computer-generated virtual environment.

The HPA itself was also on site as an exhibitor. Exhibited was the "Echo. 1" , the first autonomous drone for surveying waters in the port of Hamburg. The water drone is 1.65 meters tall and, with the help of its 33-volt battery, can travel around the port of Hamburg for up to six hours - with zero emissions! With the help of its high-performance sensors, the drone will help improve data on the depth of the harbor's waters.

Residents of the first hour at homePORT were also presented: The Mobile Smart Factory. The Mobile Smart Factory is a 3D printer integrated into a container - fitting for the port. The 3D printer is able to print spare parts on site, as well as repair damaged parts. Thus, long delivery times, as well as high delivery costs of spare parts can be avoided, significantly speeding up the creation process of construction projects.

The drone sector was also represented at HOMECOMING HOMEPORT. ORTHODRONE presented their new innovation with built-in sensor technology and high-quality cameras, enabling comprehensive and precise geolocation and data collection.

Other exhibitors in the field of drones were, for example, Lufthansa Industry Solutions , Beagle and the HPA itself. During various test flights, visitors were able to marvel at the drones not only up close, but also in the air.

The crowning glory of an intensive, technologically focused day with a lot of exchange & networking was a joint group picture, which captured the day in terms of mood.

HOMECOMING HOMEPORT 2022 makes it clear: Hamburg needs an event like this to network, develop and optimize new technologies, and outline and plan new projects.

HOMECOMING HOMEPORT - an all-round successful start to a series of events in cooperation with "Aufbruch Hamburg" at homePORT Hamburg!

We would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors who made this day unforgettable with their presence, as well as their technologies and innovations! We are already looking forward to an even bigger, more exciting and innovative HOMECOMING HOMEPORT 2023!!

Photos: Swen Bachmann