Port Energy Management Dashboard


Electricity consumption at cargo handling terminals is not only high, but also varies greatly depending on the operation. Due to different consumption durations and intensities, it is difficult to estimate consumption, making it difficult for companies to make forecasts.

The dashPort project is helping to remedy this situation. dashPort uses IoT technology to measure the electricity consumed by different consumers in real time and thus implement energy consumption monitoring.

With around 500 digital, remotely readable electricity meters already in place, this creates as accurate a picture of the situation as possible, so that the partner companies can be well informed about consumption.

Funded by the BMVI’s IHATEC funding programme for innovative port technologies

Start of the project: December 2019

Estimated end: December 2022

In a nutshell

With the help of energy consumption monitoring, the dashPort project aims to promote a more conscious use of energy-intensive consumers and the saving of avoidable energy consumers.

Goal of the project

The aim of dashPORT is to make more conscious use of energy-intensive consumers and to save avoidable energy consumption. In addition, dashPORT will predict electricity consumption and consumption peaks resulting from the knowledge of upcoming ship arrivals and the associated transhipment activities.

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