Land test sites for innovative solutions in the port

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Space for land-based experimentation & trial and error

Maritime does not mean focusing exclusively on water. With its diverse infrastructure, the Port of Hamburg proves that there is also a lot going on by rail and road. New solutions, for example in the field of mobility or logistics, are of great importance with increasing traffic volumes in order to be able to guarantee an efficient flow of goods.

Openness and industry focus

From autonomous delivery robots to AI-supported damage detection

The Port of Hamburg is a smartPORT and a port of innovation . In it, we want to give innovators and fresh new ideas a free space to evaluate solutions in a real environment . Whether autonomous delivery robots or self-driving e-scooters, teleoperating trucks or drones from the 3D printer - at homePORT you have the opportunity to realise your ideas and test them in a productive way. We are convinced that interdisciplinarity is especially important nowadays. That's why at homePORT your industrial innovations from the logistics, maritime and other technical sectors will be promoted through networking with network partners, prototyping in the Makerspace and testing under real conditions . Progressive technology companies can carry out the tests on the following land test areas.

Impressions of the test areas

More info about our facilities:

Our test locations

Test space Hermann-Blohm-Straße

Test space Cruise-Center Steinwerder

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Test sites at the southern exit of the old Elbe tunnel
The central location and nucleus of homePORT is currently being realised on the lower third of the car park at Blohm+Voss. On a total of just under 3,000 m², primarily free parking spaces are available here as a test area for interested parties.
• Initial consultation on your wishes & plans
• Coffee & Drinks
• Moderation materials & flipchart
• TV & Beamer
• Customer parking space
optional: catering, event management, moderation
Test sites at Cruise-Center Steinwerder - Test site A
Test area A of the Cruise Center Steinwerder is located in the front area and covers about 1000 m². The area, which is otherwise used as a coach park, has various lanterns in the peripheral areas so that the area can also be fully illuminated.
• Initial consultation on your wishes & plans
• Customer parking space
optional: catering, event management, moderation
Test areas at Cruise-Center Steinwerder - Test area B
Test field B is located in the rear area of the cruise terminal and also covers about 1000 m². The test field is located directly next to the departure hall and is separated from the pier on the water side by a fence.
Test areas at Cruise-Center Steinwerder - Offroad test area
In contrast to test areas A and B, this test area is characterised by the levelled ground. Here you have an off-road test area of about 750 m² for special test requirements. In the background, the terminal cranes from Tollerort provide the appropriate backdrop.
Test areas at Cruise-Center Steinwerder - Indoor area
In addition to the outdoor test areas, it is also possible to use the departure halls (Terminal 1 + 2). Indoor Terminal 1 is particularly recommended for prototype tests, among other things because of the rolling gates and hardly any permanently installed furniture. Electricity, toilet facilities and additional storage space for equipment are also available.