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You want to learn more about the innovative topics around the Port of Hamburg, the homePORT and the startups, partners and institutions located at or connected to us? Then you’ve come to the right place! Find your suitable event today and take advantage of the opportunity to participate.

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Connect, Create & Collaborate
Only together can we shape the future of maritme

Innovation workshops on current top topics of the maritime scene

Many know about the necessity of digitalization, the implementation of new methods in the industry or can assign innovative technologies. But to be able to apply new things correctly and comprehensively, you need to know about them. You can learn more in our workshops to learn and apply the relevant skills.


Meetups, Get-Togethers & Knowledge-Nuggets

More and more, learning is becoming a matter of course and should be part of the personal training concept. Many players organize meetings – whether virtual or physical. Under the motto “Connect, Create & Collaborate”, we bring the right players together. Meetups and get-togethers are the perfect way to learn about or discuss topics.

Networking Events & Exhibitions

We are all looking forward to the time after Corona. Physical events and exhibitions will continue to be part of the innovation industry in the future. We help you to find the right location for your event and help to make the relevant scene aware of your event through our channels.



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