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You want to learn more about the innovative topics around the Port of Hamburg, the homePORT and the startups, partners and institutions located at or connected to us? Then you’ve come to the right place! Find your suitable event today and take advantage of the opportunity to participate.

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Exhibitions, workshops or networking: at homePORT you have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events as well as organising them

Venue of the ITS 2021

With the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress 2021, homePORT became DronePORT for a week. With 15,000 visitors expected at the main exhibition, the homePORT as a venue was also well attended. With a programme packed with aerial, overwater and underwater drone demonstrations, the homePORT's key features were emphasised: the regulatory framework for comprehensive testing, the large area for events of all sizes and the central location in the heart of Hamburg.

Demonstrations in the heart of the harbour

The homePORT is perfect for demonstrations of all kinds thanks to the viewing platform, the adjacent Norderloch and the large area. With the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and the old Elbe Tunnel in the background, it offers the best possible product showcase of a drone - in the very heart of the city.

Live showcase of new products

Volocopter, a start-up focused on urban air mobility, presented their product, the Volodrone, to the public for the first time in a demonstration flight at ITS 2021 at homePORT. Specially granted permits made it possible to fly over the branch of the Elbe River that passes by the homePORT, the "Norderloch", and caused quite a buzz.

Exhibitions, workshops or networking events

The homePORT offers space for any kind of project. With relocatable internet, water pipes and enough space for catering areas, we were able to create the space for a large event like the ITS, but small workshops can also be held inside the homePORT.

Connect, Create & Collaborate
Only together can we shape the future of maritme

Innovation workshops on current top topics of the maritime scene

Many know about the necessity of digitalization, the implementation of new methods in the industry or can assign innovative technologies. But to be able to apply new things correctly and comprehensively, you need to know about them. You can learn more in our workshops to learn and apply the relevant skills.

Both digital and on-site events

Especially in times of the corona pandemic, hosting an event in presence is not always the right choice. Factors such as internationality or technical feasibility can also make the option of an online event more attractive. In the homePORT community, you can take part in various formats such as Maritime Monday. Here we allow you to present your company or your idea to other community members and to gain new insights as well as make new contacts in a discussion with each other.

Networking Events & Exhibitions

We are all looking forward to the time after Corona. Physical events and exhibitions will continue to be part of the innovation industry in the future. We help you find the right location for your event and draw the attention of the scene to your event through our channels.