Real Collaboration: Find Your Workspace


New forms of work: it has to be collaborative and cross-organisational

Nothing is more constant than change: What was true 200 years ago is just as true today – and has even picked up speed! The homePORT connects players in the maritime industry across companies. As a vertical, we have our home in various physical locations and want to provide easy & fast access to interested parties, startups, experts and partners. Only together can we keep up with today’s pace of innovation and generate sustainable success. Below you will find your workspace, provided by the homePORT community!

Digital Hub Logistics Coworking @ St. Annenufer 2, HafenCity

The Digital Hub Logistics is an industry-focused coworking hub and our partner for collaboration in the HafenCity. Centrally located in the chic and historic warehouse, you will find your coworking workspace on more than 360sqm and can network as inter/national startups with partners like VW, DHL, HHLA, HPA and Co. Various events, activities and meeting rooms round off the offer. With prices starting at 250 € / mth for 24/7 access to the workplace, you’re in.

Take a look at the digital 3D tour of the collaboration areas and workspaces and discover the Digital Hub.

Image source: Digital Hub Logistcs, https://digitalhublogistics.hamburg
Image source: Digital Hub Logistcs, https://www.digitalhublogistics.hamburg/rundgang

Cruise Center Steinwerder Rental offices @ Buchheisterstraße 16, Steinwerder

The Cruise Center Steinwerder is a central location in the port, which is not only visited by many tourists every year. Especially in times of the pandemic, CGH has shown that the Cruise Center is a versatile area by providing the space for Corona-compliant events. The offices there range in size from 17-21 square meters and are ideal for teams and startups testing prototypes on the land- and waterside playgrounds in the port. You get an office space for 10,00€ / m² (net) per month plus a flat rate for operating costs of 3€ / m² (net) and a flat rate for heating costs of 2€ / m² (net).

In overview:

  • – Office space: 10,00 / m² net
  • – plus operating costs flat rate: 3,00 / m² net
  • – plus heating costs flat rate: 2,00 / m² net
Image: Cruise Center Steinwerder, https://www.cruisegate-hamburg.de/terminals/cruise-center-steinwerder/
Bürofläche Steinwerder 2
Image: Cruise Center Steinwerder, https://www.cruisegate-hamburg.de/terminals/cruise-center-steinwerder/

Virtual working & networking is enough for you? Then join our digital homePORT community!