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Open garages to develop the future

Open labs are, by definition, a special form that focuses on the use and development of open source hardware; in other words, the idea that production and other machines and physical products can be built and rebuilt themselves according to freely available blueprints. The resulting open-source innovation process is efficient in many ways, because users can be involved in development at an early stage and problems can be identified quickly. homePORT, with its makerspace, becomes a core component of the Fab Lab community’s decentralized manufacturing infrastructure, which consists of various open garages with digital manufacturing. The equipment at the homePORT makerspace ranges from a simple screwdriver to digital production technology. In addition, ease of use is important to us. Therefore, we act as an on-site contact for challenges and questions.

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From the workbench to high-tech equipment

Industry-focused digital manufacturing with open source hardware

Open Labs sind der Definition folgend eine Sonderform, bei der die Nutzung und Entwicklung von Open-Source-Hardware im Fokus steht; also die Idee, dass Produktions- und andere Maschinen und physische Produkte nach frei verfügbaren Bauplänen selbst auf- und nachgebaut werden können. Der dadurch entstehende Open-Source-Innovationsprozess ist in vielerlei Hinsicht effizient, weil Nutzer frühzeitig in die Entwicklung eingebunden und Probleme rasch erkannt werden können. homePORT wird mit seinem Makerspace Kernbestandteil der dezentralen Fertigungsinfrastruktur der Fab Lab-Community, die aus diversen offenen Werkstätten mit digitaler Fertigung besteht. Die Ausstattung beim homePORT-Makerspace reicht vom einfachen Schraubenzieher bis hin zur digitalen Produktionstechnologie. Daneben ist uns die einfache Anwendung wichtig. Daher fungieren wir als Ansprechpartner vor Ort für Herausforderungen und Fragen.

Goal-oriented machine layout for beneficial production

Additive manufacturing processes have the potential to fundamentally and sustainably change the design, manufacture and use of physical objects and thus all related processes (design, production, supply chains). Manufacturing constraints disappear, there is almost unlimited design freedom without additional costs, and functions can be integrated. Components are simulated in advance and optimized based on bionic structures so that only a minimum of material is needed to fulfill a specific load function. In addition, the possibility of local production close to the place of need creates further savings potential (time and money), for example to produce (replacement) parts that are needed quickly.
  1. Learn @ homePORT: We understand the Makerspace primarily as a place of learning with different formats and tools. To this end, building blocks such as general introduction 3D printing, CAD & 3D scanning and print are offered in cooperation with science. At the same time, we are planning build and ideation workshops in which appropriate hardware projects are implemented under the guidance of a trainer. Other topics such as Re- & Upcycling or the Circular Economy are also on the agenda.
  2. Spark @ homePORT: In the same way, we understand the Makerspace as a showroom and experimentation environment in which new ideas are created, jointly developed and realized in the form of prototypes. Thought are idea competitions, MVP prototyping pitch nights, lead user workshops, hackathons, innovation days and creative weeks.
  3. Make @ homePORT: First and foremost, digital manufacturing should also be understood as an open production site for prototypes, individual or spare parts and small series in the 3D printing process. Focus here, however, is a wide range of capabilities in the field of additive manufacturing, which promises great added value for the port industry and the maritime context as a whole.

You have open questions? Feel free to check out our Makerspace FAQ or ask your question here or in the homePORT-Community.

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Makerspace opens in May/June 2021









Location of the Makerspace

homePORT - Hamburg's pearl for innovations

The homePORT nucleus will be built in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, between the Elbe, the shipyards and the St. Pauli Elbtunnel, reflecting what we consider the perfect location. This is where "old meets new", "tradition meets innovation", "established methods and systems meet innovative technologies", "established players meet ambitious start-ups". Under the motto "Connect, Collaborate & Create", we are creating a place that paves the way for product innovations in the maritime industry.

The goal of the site is to solve problems collaboratively and achieve continuous product improvement by sharing knowledge and using low-cost open source components. This is the only way we can meet the challenges of tomorrow’s maritime industry today.


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